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Ice Ice Baby

There’s something about the scorching Dallas heat that makes us yearn for those nostalgic moments of childhood summers. While we can’t go back to camp or spend all day splashing in the pool, we still manage to pop out of the office here and there for our favorite cool kiddie treat: Sno-Cones. They're just as good now as they were all those years ago.

Highland Park Pharmacy
The 100-year-old Soda Fountain has, hands-down, the best old school charm in Dallas. And nothing beats a good old Palm Beach and “shaved ice” – a newer addition to the menu. 3229 Knox St.

Aunt Stelle’s Sno-Cones
Oak Cliff has its fair share of greats eateries—Bolsa, mesa, Boulevardier—but when it’s this unbearable outdoors, the only place we’ll be waiting in line at is this run down little sno-cone hut. The “Pink Lady” is a crowd favorite for a reason. 2002 W. Clarendon Dr.

Don’t let the location fool you. This little gem stands in a strip mall off 75, but once you find it, the sticky, sweet syrup—made from real fruit no less—will have you coming back for more, often. 7813 Meadow Rd.

La Grange Snowcones
This brightly painted truck, with its palm tree and kicky flamingo, is just as sweet on the outside as what it carries on the inside: more shaved ice! Get yourself a rainbow-colored, “boozy” sno-cone (see, they’re not just for kids!) and saunter over to The Foundry for live music. Perfect for a night out.

TC Shaved Ice
You know how even the simplest tasks seem excruciatingly difficult in summer? Such as getting out of your car and walking anywhere? For those days, here’s a tip: Head to this Lakewood spot on your way back from lunch, go through the drive through, and order up a large cup of thinly shaved ice with an ice cream scoop on top. Don’t fret, it won’t have time to melt all over the car, it’s that good. 10999 Garland Rd.