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Liquid Breakfast

The minute Dallas gets hot, we start listing our favorite margaritas around town. Nothing beats the refreshing taste of a frozen tequila treat on a summer day—but lets not forget our preferred I-woke-up-too-late-for-breakfast-but-I-still-want eggs-cocktail, the Bloody Mary.

Oddfellows' Bloody Mary

Sidle up to the rustic bar while you wait for a table and order up this perfectly peppery libation. Served in a mason jar with pickled veggies, it’s just the right blend of sweet and spicy—and it’s strong. If you’re extra hungover, have it with a side of red velvet pancakes. 316 W. 7th St., 214.944.5958

Anvil Pub
If you’re planning on skipping a plate altogether, you might want to stop by this Deep Ellum dive. Part of a brunch menu with a profane name (we won’t give it away, but it will illicit giggles), the Bloody Mary comes in an oversize mason jar (the kind used for pickling) laden with sticks of cured meats, sausages, pickled veggies and cheese. Nibble while you drink. 2638 Elm St., 214.741.1271

Don’t sip this one right after rolling out of bed—the jalapeño, classic Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix, and habenero-infused vodka make for a spicy kick first thing in the morning. 614 W. Davis St., 214.943.1883

A spicy Bloody Mary pairs well with some smoked meat. Or cornbread hash. Or both. Roasted tomato and chile mix, olive juice and pickle relish makes for a tangy treat. 901 Ft. Worth Ave., 214.393.4141

Company Cafe
This organic haven makes a perfectly balanced meal in a glass: sweet, spicy and the glass has just enough celery salt on the rim. 3136 Routh, 214.468.8721

Bottoms up!