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One Up, One Down

Ben Coats is changing how Dallas thinks about luxury builders. And he’s only 29.

Luxury details in this Park Cities home include sleek glass walls and dark gray stained floors in the kitchen.

In just three years, Coats Homes has taken Dallas by storm—and for all the right reasons. Led by Ben Coats, founder/president and a Southern Methodist University grad, this upscale building firm has achieved an impressive foothold in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow with its holistic approach to business and giving back to the community, a personal philosophy that underscores its founder’s faith.

From the start, Coats (who grew up in Richardson and Plano) has focused on building homes that contrasted the controversial McMansions erected in well-established enclaves like the Park Cities. “I love building homes that people may pass by at first because they think they’ve always been there, only to be surprised when learning that they’re brand new,” says Coats. His homes are also known for their eco and energy efficiency focus; and for light, bright interiors with clean lines designed by notable area architects such as Wilson Fuqua, Richard Drummond Davis, David Stocker, Jason and Signe Smith, and Paul Turney.

Coats is equally dedicated to helping revitalize West Dallas with his one-for-one faith-inspired initiative. “For every home we build in the Park Cities, we build or renovate a West Dallas home for families in need; or tear down a home that’s been abandoned or become a crime magnet,” he says. To do this, Coats partners with Advocates for Community Transformation and 2ndSaturday, a group that trains at-risk inner-city men for future careers. Coats also contributes to West Dallas in another meaningful way. “Our newest thing is meeting a basic need in the community—job creation. We’re helping train at-risk men by partnering them with some of our subcontractor crews so they can learn their desired trade or skill set,” says Coats. Each year, the company’s sales volume has doubled—a clear indication that homeowners are embracing this young builder who measures success by doing as much for others as he’s doing for himself. Coats Homes, 3100 Monticello Ave., Suite 335, 214.206.3900