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Surviving Summer

We adore summer—mimosas in the sun, days by the pool, beach vacations and Texas BBQs... But there are a few fatalities, namely, our skin. Thank goodness for these little saviors.

Natura Bisse's transparent oxygen bubble

Renee Rouleau’s Moisture Infusion Facial
After regaling your friends with all the tales of your summer surfing/paddle-boarding/snorkeling/rock climbing adventures, you’ll notice that all that sun, salt water and wind has done a number on your face. After this relaxing 75-minute treatment, you’ll leave pink-faced and glow-y, like it never happened (minus the memories). 1722 Routh St., Suite 113, 214.735.4364,

Bliss Spa’s Scrub & Color
Remember sitting in the sun all day, shiny with baby oil, waiting for your body to bronze to a sun-kissed shade of nut-brown? Remember when you found out how incredibly dangerous that is for your skin? You can still achieve a Brazilian-supermodel-worthy tan without the sun damage with this full body buffing and painted-on application of self-tanner—some things are worth faking! 2440 Victory Park Lane, 877.862.5477,

Elizabeth Arden’s Intensive Healing Manicure
Oh, our poor hands and feet. Even if you’ve had time to keep up with regular mani-pedis, they’ve dried out a bit—this mix of bamboo exfoliation, hydrating massage and mask (who knew those didn’t just go on your face!) will leave them looking and feeling baby soft! 7700 W Northwest Hwy, 214.373.8338,

Luxury on Lovers’ Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial
Now, we’re still not sure what the “oxygen” part of this means, but we know it’s a Madonna Favorite, and she’s been preserved fairly well, no? If “the highest amount of low molecular hyaluronic acid that can be infused into the skin” is good enough for the pop-diva, it’s good enough for us. And it sure does feel like a layer of sun-induced scaliness is magically removed to reveal perfectly soft, glowing skin. 4703 West Lovers Lane, 214.352.8800,

Natura Bissé’s Age-Defying Lip and Eye Treatment
The Neiman Marcus NorthPark spa is home to the Bubble Pure Air, premiered internationally during the 2009 Oscars, an isolated area that provides 99.99% pure air that enhances any treatment’s effects due to the increase of energy. It also looks like an updated version of Bubble Boy’s sterilized dorm, which gives us the giggles. Hop in and enjoy a treatment targeted to the two areas that age the most, our lips and eyes, and see how wide-awake and kissable you’ll feel afterwards. Neiman Marcus NorthPark, 214.346.0731