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Wow, and How!

Subtle plays on classic Texas icons lasso a stylish new look for the W's revamped Extreme Wow suite. 

The W Dallas-Victory’s newly renovated Extreme Wow suite utilizes floor-to-ceiling windows, white accents and clean lines to brighten up the space.

There’s a whopping 60-inch flat-screen TV in the newly refreshed Extreme Wow suite at the W Dallas-Victory, but the overall design takes a low-key approach. Kelie Mayfield and Eric Rangi of Houston-based design firm MaRS deconstructed Texas stereotypes and icons such as cowboy hats, boots and jeans until their most abstracted essences remained. Look for snakeskin, leather and denim materials, and a coffee table with an etched-glass croc pattern and metal rope-inspired base. There are subtle homages to the city’s cattle-ranching past—Kyle Bunting’s custom patchwork cowhide rug features natural, undyed blacks and browns, and a custom lasso chandelier in lacquered black rope hangs above the dining table. An accent wall, covered in a black croc pattern, is a modern version of a game hunter’s trophy wall, complete with a stylized, wire steer head painted UT burnt-orange. Not a Longhorns fan? Rangi and Mayfield give a nod to the Dallas Cowboys with a custom foosball table in the team’s silver and blue colors. Says Rangi: “The room has a very masculine, tailored feel to it, with feminine details to soften it up,” such as diamond earring-like drawer pulls on the nightstands, inspired by the high-wattage bling favored by many Dallas women.

Mayfield and Rangi not only refreshed the hotel’s luxury suite, but brightened the corridors and all 252 guest rooms with white walls and better lighting. In the rooms are custom desks inspired by stacked boot and hat boxes, white crocodile-print draperies with rope pulls, updated headboards in vinyl taken from crocodile boots, and bed throws that remind of a bandana. Both Texas natives, Mayfield and Rangi enjoyed poking fun at Lone Star cliches—beds have prom-queen pillows with instruction on how to tease your hair the Texas way. 2440 Victory Park Lane, 214.397.4100,