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Summer Shows
By Kai Andersen | July 30, 2015

1. Artists of Hawai‘i 2015
Out of 249 submissions, Honolulu Museum of Art tapped seven artists and one collective...

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Dressing Easy
By Kai Andersen | July 24, 2015

1. Fighting Eel
While many already know Fighting Eel for its easy-to-wear, island friendly frocks, Hono-lulu shoppers are also going gaga over the Ava Sky carried in store...

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In Perfect Tone
By Kai Andersen and Tara Boone | July 20, 2015

1. The Bar Method
For a nonimpact total-body workout that incoprorates both yoga and Pilates, try the Bar Method’s one-hour workout that...

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Bodies and Soul
By Jenn Thornton | July 13, 2015

Upmarket goes upcountry Aug. 1 to 7 in Maui, where the island’s eco-boutique retreat center, Lumeria Maui, will host Yoga of the Radiant Soul with model-turned-...

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Positive Force
By Jenn Thornton | July 13, 2015

Epic is the word to describe what Kai Lenny has managed to accomplish in the world of professional surfing at just 22 years old (precisely seven years after he joined the Windsurfing World...

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By Jasmine Lombardi | July 13, 2015


Makapu‘u, O‘ahu

O‘ahu’s most eastern point usually draws eager photographers for its raw splendor in the daytime, but Thai Tran headed out...

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Perfectly Placed
Mari Taketa | Photography by Linny Morris | July 13, 2015

For those who are familiar with Chinatown’s legendary Hotel Street, change has swept through its environs. Now, downtown diners crawl along in search of gourmet ramen and Old Fashioneds at all hours....

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The Starting Block
By Mari Taketa | July 13, 2015

1. Grondin French Latin-Kitchen
Take a quick trip to South Ameria with this bistro’s signature bite-size app, muchines–an Ecuadorian delicacy of yuca...

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The Cat's Meow
By Nate Chapnick | July 10, 2015

Jaguars are known for their sneak attacks—silently stalking their prey until the moment they strike without warning. Unlike the jungle cat, this feral beauty makes no attempt to fly under the radar. An explosive exhaust note, large 20...

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Genius in a Bottle
By Kai Andersen | July 10, 2015

It’s undoubtedly been a busy year for Amy Hānaiali‘i. Not only did she release Reunion, the acclaimed album with longtime and favorite cohort Willie K, she pulled off one of the most surprising twists of her career—...

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A Moveable Feast
By Patti Dickey | July 10, 2015

With great anticipation, I boarded my Air France flight, which turned out to be a perfect first step on a luxurious culinary trip through glorious Burgundy. The in-flight meal by Régis Marcon, Air France’s three-Michelin-starred chef,...

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By Kai Andersen | July 10, 2015

Known for her radiant smile, Lauren Makk is beaming brighter than usual these days—and for good reason. The design insider is about to return to national television. This September, the former star of HGTV’s Trading Spaces will...

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