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Living Large
By Nate Chapnick | May 8, 2015

American luxury is alive and well. From handmade Shinola watches to Martin guitars, “made in the USA” is becoming a major selling point for many of the hottest luxury brands. Lincoln is seizing this moment, offering a slew of new luxury...

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Back to the Roots
Eliza Escaño-Vasquez | Photography by Nina Kuna | May 6, 2015

Maui is thick with forward-thinking chefs who regard organic sustainability, advance techniques and sharp plating as a standard rather than a high selling point, and as it should be. True to this philosophy,...

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Thai Tranquility
By Beth Weitzman | May 5, 2015

As the go-to retreat for the frenzied, harried, hypertense and otherwise overworked of the jet-set crowd, Chiva-Som (said to mean “haven of life”), one of Asia’s first...

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Lei Days
By Kai Andersen and Malie Moran | May 5, 2015

As cultural symbols go, never has there been an emblem as quintessentially Hawaiian as the lei. While garlands of plants and flowers can be found elsewhere in the Pacific, the lei takes on a truly mythic status in Hawai‘i, showing up in...

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Higher Standards
By Kai Andersen | May 5, 2015

Star developers Patrick Kobayashi and Ian MacNaughton share more than just a history of collaborating on some of the islands’ poshest properties. (Think the tony Hokua in Kaka‘ako.) What they both have in common is a deeply...

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20 Pursuits of Modern Luxury
By The Editors with Tara Boone and Catherine Toth Fox | May 4, 2015

The Waikīkī shoreline may be far from the legendary Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, but the sweet sounds of the saxophone can still be...

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A Fresher Feast
By Kai Andersen | April 28, 2015

1. Arancino at the Kahala
This oasis of civilization in East Honolulu offers its own trellised terrace. Do order the gorgeously plated seafood spectacular, the grigliata...

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High Notes
By Kai Andersen | April 20, 2015

1. Sean Chen
A Van Cliburn Crystal Award winner, rising-star pianist Sean Chen—he’s just 27—will wow his way through the islands, electrifying spectators with his musical sensibility and technical prowess....

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Drink Up!
By Kai Andersen | April 13, 2015

1. Rays on the Bay
Situated on the dramatic cliffs of the Kona coast with views of giant manta rays swimming in the ocean below, Rays on the Bay’s location is without a doubt...

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It’s Showtime!
By Kai Andersen | April 7, 2015

1. Anne Namba Goes East with Paula West
In this special fundraiser for Hawaii Theatre Center, Honolulu fashion...

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Listen Up
By Kai Andersen | March 31, 2015

1. Amy & Willie K - Hana Hou!
No one quite compares to the amazing musical partnership between Amy...

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Ocean’s Bounty
By Kai Andersen | March 23, 2015

1. ‘Ahi Poke
Don’t expect those familiar cubes of fish at MW Restaurant. Instead, delve into a bed of finely minced ‘ahi generously topped with uni (...

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