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Maui Film Festival

When: (Ended) June 15, 2016 - June 19, 2016 6:00 PM
Price: Starting at $48

True to this intent, the Maui Film Festival stands out like no other film festival in the world. While Cannes, Sundance and Berlin bring extravagance, the Maui Film Festival delivers purity of the art in a casual setting with understated elegance and an Aloha charisma unique to Maui.

Set in this gorgeous, relaxed island atmosphere, part of the draw of this movie industry experience is that “big business” has been left behind on the mainland. A-listers feel free to mingle with the crowd and enjoy the art! Event organizer, Barry Rivers, recalls one year when “Clint Eastwood walked up with beach chairs for his wife and himself, bought tickets for the Celestial Cinema, and sat down with the crowd to enjoy the double feature.”

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