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For many kids in Hawai‘i, there’s no better way to spend the afternoon than leaping into the cool blue water of the ocean.


Waimea Bay, North Shore

When photographer John Truong was making his way around the North Shore one Sunday afternoon and discovered the diving spot, commonly known as Da Big Rock, he learned that the popular pastime also made for a perfect photo op. “I knew I wanted this shot when I first saw the jumpers in the afternoon, but had to wait for the right moment during sunset,” explains the photographer. As the fiery orb began to set beneath the waves, the intermittent clouds in the distance created an ideal atmosphere. For over 30 minutes, Truong took 50 photos of the daring leaps. But this color-drenched image, in particular, struck a chord for him. “This one came out the best,” he says in retrospect. “The silhouette of the boy jumping is perfect.”