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Urban Oasis
Melissa Jacobs | January 17, 2014

Harmony is perhaps the most befitting moniker for Erica and Patrick King’s modern expanse of a home in Houston’s prestigious Memorial neighborhood. Serene and built-to-last also come to mind. These terms could also portray the...

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One Man's Monument
Carla Jordan | January 17, 2014

Robert Edsel is well-versed in the art of discovery. His oil and gas company, Gemini Exploration, was an early pioneer in the use of horizontal drilling technology in the 1990s. When he moved to Florence in 1996 to pursue a...

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Color Coded
Helen Thompson | January 17, 2014

Paul D’Arcy is an Internet executive whose job is to rally people and ideas to make projects happen. This skill—learned, or perhaps already in his DNA—was integral to getting the house he shares with his wife, Jessica, and...

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Paradise, Found!
Alex Markoff | January 17, 2014

Subtle Islands, Canada

THE RUNDOWN Think private islands, and you’re not likely to ponder the Great White North, but this British Columbia retreat defies convention....

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Welcome to the Club
Helen Thompson | January 17, 2014

If anything prepared designer Mark Ashby for the daunting task of redesigning Jeffrey’s, Austin’s beloved, 39-year-old fine dining institution that has hosted politicians and movie stars—the likes of George W...

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Inside Out
Ayesha Khan | January 17, 2014

Nestled in the royal Dusit District in Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River, or “River of Kings,” The Siam is the first hotel venture for 43-year-old indie-rock star and actor Krissada...

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Perfect Harmony
Amanda Friedman | January 16, 2014

Situated high on the hillside on Belvedere Island overlooking the San Francisco Bay, with postcard-perfect vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge in one direction and Sausalito in the other, Gary Friedman—the innovative co-CEO and...

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Posh Pedigree
Carla Jordan | October 3, 2013

When designer Chandos Dodson and oil-and-gas businessman Ike Epley said “I do,” they moved into a home with a past, not all of which was immediately apparent. They knew their 2,800-square-foot townhome was part of 5000 Longmont...

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Opposites Attract
Helen Thompson | October 3, 2013

“This is the last house I’m going to build,” says the homeowner, a developer and third-generation Austinite. If his announcement is true, the long, concrete modernist residence caps off a series of homes that...

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Totally Rockin’ It
| October 3, 2013

Museum Quality: Just opened in July, Aria Stone Gallery in Dallas may remind you more of an art gallery than a place to buy big slabs of rock. But there’s reason behind owner Vinny Tavares’...

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Timely Twists
Melanie Warner | October 3, 2013

After a few thwacks of the iron knocker on the front door of Rusty Arena’s house in Houston’s artsy Montrose neighborhood, the textile designer known for sumptuous, hand painted fabrics appears with a smile. Arena, who is in...

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Designers on the Verge
Carla Jordan Melanie Warner | October 3, 2013

Sister Story: Buzzworthy sisters Saba and Sarah Jawda share more than striking good looks and an alma mater. This dynamo Houston duo also cohabitate, oversee a thriving business and, most...

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