What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

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A Yeti in Sheep's Clothing

A Yeti in Sheep's Clothing

A 12-foot snowfall is no match for this Austrian-inspired concrete fortress—sauna included. Read More »

City Life

Vallejo Man Leaves Dog Poop for Package Nabbers

Surprise! Read More »

An SF nativity

What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working

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the interview

Five Reasons to Go See "The Interview" Tomorrow

And one reason not to.  Read More »

Tech World

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Uber's CEO Is Now a Wanted Man in South Korea

Does this mean he's a hero in North Korea? Read More »


Stanford surgical residents take to the medical school's lawn.

A Trust Fall a Day...

For Stanford's surgical residents, mandatory fun. Read More »

Tech World

body hacking

Invasion of the Body Hackers

Not satisfied with optimizing code, Silicon Valley tries to tweak its brain chemistry. Read More »

City Life

blood donation

It's Now Okay to Donate Blood If You're Gay—But Not *Too* Gay

Wait. What? Read More »

City Life

Distribution of the word bro on twitter

Turns Out That San Francisco's Tech Bros Don't Actually Use the Word “Bro” That Much

Dudes—we're so sorry.  Read More »

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