Nothing Never Looked So Good

Three zero-energy homes as design-savvy as they are eco-friendly. Read More »

What’s the Deal with Jidori Eggs?

The egg of the moment, the jidori, is showing up in restaurants all over town. But are they the real thing? Read More »

Tech World

Innovation Almanac: Forget Home Movies—How About Home Music Videos?

A pair of Ph. D.'s whose apps have enabled a virtual symphony—turning mobile phones into pianos, drums, ocarinas, and even T-Pain rap-style vocals—are now gunning for one of 2013’s Holy Grails. Read More »

Obama Called Kamala Harris Our "Best Looking Attorney General." But How Does He Rank?

Sorry, Mr. President, it's your turn to be objectified. Read More »

Galleries and Performance

Vending Avant-garde.

Art-o-mat delivers original art to the masses, but will San Francisco artists want in? Read More »


Hiding the House, Seeking a View

A home embedded in a Marin hillside.  Read More »

Tech World

Innovation Almanac: Social Networking for Disaster Prep

Disaster prep 101 is "Love thy neighbor." Read More »


First Look: Copper-Wire Jellyfish and Hardwood Vehicles at the Museum of Craft and Design

The Dogpatch newcomer opens Saturday. Read More »


Warby Parker's School Bus Pop-up Shop Rolls into S.F.

The eyewear-packed mobile showroom is here through May 12. Read More »


Guess Who’s Coming to Outside Lands?

No, really, guess. Our music editor takes a stab at predicting the lineup. Read More »

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