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Taste Titan

With three new restaurants in his portfolio, chef Michael Schwartz is burning the candle at both ends these days—and playing with fire in all the right ways. Read More »

Wellness Well Done

A sign of the times perhaps, The St. Regis Bal Harbour recently introduced the Wellness Program for hotel guests and locals alike. Read More »

View Finder

Though the Hamptons is surrounded by water, only a handful of restaurants actually offer dinner with a panoramic view. Here are five seaside eateries that are easy on the eyes and pleasing to the palate. Read More »

Love at First Seat

True romance on the Jitney? It can happen. Here, writer Robert Reeves’ magical true story of a life in transit—then, suddenly, less so. Read More »

Kris Tingle

Wild boar with Spanish omelette

Kris Tingle

by Jen Karetnick | Photography by Michael Pisarri | Miami magazine | June 26, 2013

July and August are arguably the hottest months of the summer. It’s that sticky time of year when you feel like a dollop of spoon bread in the oven every time you get into your car. Still, most local epicureans adore these months for one specific reason: mangos. This is when the early-to-midseason varieties of the fruit, ranging from Haden to Kent, are at their jewel-toned best.


Will Smith is no stranger to Miami. The man famously rapped about it in his 1998 song of the same name, but during his most recent visit to the city, he had little time for the shenanigans detailed in that ditty. Read More »

Thicker Than Water

With camera in hand, photographer Justin Jay earned his way into the tight-knit (and often impenetrable) world of professional surfing. Here, he offers an intimate glimpse at the world’s best, as captured in their natural habitats. Read More »

Triple Threat

The Kimpton hotel property chefs have their way with summer’s favorite fruit when they meet Aug. 22 for a three-chef, three-course, tomato-themed dinner at Jsix ( Read More »

Inside Track

The ponies are in town! Grab that fedora or wide-brimmed hat, because we’re counting down the must-hit haunts to make your race season the most classic yet. And away they go… Read More »

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