SF's Legislative Batting Averages

From rice noodle regulation to rethinking small business loans—the proposed bills are an eclectic bunch. Now it’s up to Jerry Brown.   Read More »

The Mother of All Misconceptions

Oh, the buttons a CEO's pregnancy pushes. Read More »

The Bard of Brokeland

Telegraph Avenue gets the Wonder Boy treatment. Read More »

Treasure Island Music Festival Play List: Day One

Sure the event is still a little over month away, but now’s the time to buy your ticket. Of course, you probably already know that Girl Talk will take his shirt off and bounce around nonstop for his entire set, and that Public Enemy is going to rock it old school. So here’s a play... Read More »


Taste Test: The Bacon Bar

Is bacon that’s made in-house at a restaurant better than what’s available from a butcher—or a supermarket? We brought together a chef, a butcher shop owner, and a food publicist* to do a blind tasting and let their taste buds make the call.   Read More »

Wine and Spirits

Weekender: Three Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

Endless crab, Cal's new stadium, and Napa's new rooftop bar. Read More »

Southern Baptized

In a vast space in the Presidio, chef Joseph Humphrey tries to make Dixie into something hospitable. Read More »


My BDF (Best-Dressed Friend): Part I

 True S.F. style, as defined by four city dwellers and a chain of their decked-out comrades. Read More »

Wine and Spirits

Your Weekend Guide to Drinking and Thinking on a Budget

Where to get cultured and a buzz too Read More »


Project Runway

Budding SF designers prepare for New York Fashion Week. Read More »

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