El Niño Armor for Drought Veterans

Twenty pieces of waterproof gear for braving El Niño. Read More »


‘When I First Started, They Didn’t Even Have Uniforms for Women’

Vicki Hennessy, the new sheriff in town, is also a department lifer, and much has changed since the ’70s. Read More »

City Life

Before Our Very Eyes, Mark Zuckerberg Is Transforming into a Male Version of Gwyneth Paltrow

Or maybe a dude Randi Zuckerberg? Read More »


Crunchy Berkeley House Loses Its Funk but Hangs onto Its Soul

A family of New York transplants trades minimalism for artful spunk.  Read More »

Partner Post

S.F. Health Hacks: Work Out for Free Every Day in January

From barre to salsa dancing, sample a month's worth of classes gratis. (SPONSORED) Read More »

Real Estate

Flax Art & Design, Like the Artists It Serves, Is Decamping to Oakland

Planned condo tower dooms 78-year-old San Francisco business's headquarters—but Oakland reels it in with $99K (or more) to sweeten the deal. Read More »

City Life

Because Life Is a Never-Ending Disaster Movie, San Francisco's Fog May Be Tainted with Toxic Mercury

Fog is way safer than tuna sushi, but it still needs to be studied, says a UC Santa Cruz researcher. Read More »

Eat and Drink

Firebrand Bakery Goes Big Time

A beloved wholesale bakery opens a brick-and-mortar store in one of Oakland's hippest communities. Read More »

California Destinations

Trading Surfboards for Snowshoes in the Sierras

After an endless summer, a travel guide escapes to the snow. Read More »

City Life

Affinities: Plunging into 2016

Our pictorial study of uniquely Bay Area tribes. Read More »

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