Real Estate

For the First Time, San Francisco Is a Million Dollar City

Median home prices in SF hit record high. Read More »

City Life

Dave Eggers Expands 826 Valencia to the Tenderloin

Continues the work ethic that makes the rest of us look bad.  Read More »


Four New Restaurants to Try Right Now

Starring wood-fired pizza, impeccable sushi, and a bar snack revolution. Read More »


A Partial List of Politicians Shocked That John Avalos Had an Affair With His Staffer

Shocked. Read More »


State Agency Sues San Francisco Over Prop B

City Attorney Herrera promises to fight back.  Read More »

City Life

What We're Obsessed With Right Now

The ice creams, music venues, and aquariums that San Francisco staffers are obsessed with right now. Read More »

City Life

corner of divisadero and eddy

8 Year Old's Candy Fundraiser Money Stolen

Because the world is awful. Read More »

Politics Threatens to Pull out Over Condom Bill

The porn studio looks to Sin City. Read More »


State Could Begin Slapping $500 Fines on Water Wasters

Who needs a green lawn anyway? Read More »

City Life

Google Heroin Hooker Pleads Not Guilty

Attorney says she had no reason to kill "a lucrative source of income."  Read More »

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