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Laura Hine | October 2, 2014


Kenosha, Wis.

Not everyone hears news of a coming storm and thinks: yes! But when photographer Jeff Olson checked the evening weather report and saw the promise of a wet and wild morning, he...

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Keeping Score
Andrea Guthmann | October 2, 2014

Jim Stephenson has the world on a string, having just adapted his first violin concerto for the Lake Forest Symphony. “This felt like a big accomplishment,” says Stephenson. “When you...

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Battle Ready
Nate Chapnick | October 2, 2014

Whether transporting a pope, shuttling your kids to school or traversing a boulder-strewn mountain pass, few SUVs are as iconic as Mercedes-Benz’s G Class. The Geländewagen, as it was first known, still turns heads today as if it were a never-before-seen model...

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Dressy Debut
Laura Hine | October 2, 2014

Part of the fun of owning a high-end clothing boutique is finding and introducing beautiful new lines to customers. “We’re always looking for classic with a twist,” says Sharon Watrous, who, with co-owner Carrie Kane, runs the successful...

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Virgin Territory
Mike Espindle | October 2, 2014

Visitors to idyllic Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands who stroll along the shoreline along Valley Trunk Bay have been asking one question for years: What exactly is that Balinese-style house just in from the beach? What it is, exactly, is a lovingly...

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Room to Move
Katie Anne Orr | October 2, 2014

When Morgante Wilson Architects tackled the redesign of a young family’s Glencoe home, it was all about alleviating transitions—in more ways than one. After living in four homes in seven years while...

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Cultural Journey
Kerrie Kennedy | October 2, 2014

With the 25th annual Chicago Humanities Festival, Journeys, right around the corner, its executive director, North Shore resident Phillip Bahar, can barely contain his enthusiasm about the festival...

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Women of Style & Substance
By Laura Hine and Laura Tiebert | October 2, 2014

For our second annual showing of the North Shore's fabulously dressed, we found five ladies whose love for fashion equals their passion for making a difference in their communities as bankers, television personalities...

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The Path Less Traveled
Michael Wren | Photography by Anthony Tahlier | July 8, 2014

If you want to get the most out of Milwalky Trace, the new small-plates spot in downtown Libertyville, you’re going to have to get your hands a little...

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Summer Stroll
Sherry Thomas | July 7, 2014

Art Post Gallery
Christina Bates, owner of Art Post Gallery, wants art-lovers to think big and bold this summer with a distinctive new collection of Summer Abstractions. Featuring...

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Good Sports
Laura Hine | July 7, 2014

When they walk into the Michigan Shores Club in Wilmette, Michael Alter, who owns the Chicago Sky basketball team, and Arnim E. Whisler, owner of the Chicago Red Stars soccer team, look like they might be cut from the same cloth. To be sure, both live in Winnetka, look like...

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Jet Set
Nate Chapnick | July 7, 2014

Infiniti’s new full-size QX80 feels right at home on the North Shore. Whether you’re shuttling the kids to sports practice, loading chairs and a picnic for a Ravinia concert or packing up the family for a long weekend at the cottage up north, the QX80 is a family-...

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