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The Music Man
Selena Fragassi | April 3, 2014

Kevin McCollum’s mother tragically succumbed to her battle with cancer when he was only 14 years old. Soon, the teenager was moving from his home in Hawaii to Deerfield to live with his aunt and uncle, Lois and Jerry Heisler who, along with...

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Beefing Up
Michael Wren | Photography by Jason Little | April 3, 2014

Fellow Evanstonians Michael Kornick and David Morton, owners of the new DMK Burger & Fish in Evanston, know how to build restaurants with widespread appeal—informal but creatively conceived...

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The Hot List
Elaine Doremus, Tricia Despres and Melissa Zmijewski | April 3, 2014


Design Diva
At the tender age of 9, Chelle Design Group owner Angela LaVista carefully...

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English Jewel Box
Cynthia A. Raymond | April 3, 2014

What once was a nondescript yard defined by rambling buckthorn and a dog run is now a private, tranquil paradise that perfectly complements Carol and Steve Beitlers’ English home in Glencoe. To transform the garden, the couple enlisted the help of...

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Tall Order
Cynthia A. Raymond | April 3, 2014

Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Chengdu, Bogotá, Jeddah…then back to home base in Lake Forest. Architect Adrian Smith’s global itinerary is extraordinary in any context, but even more so when one considers the significant footprint he and his colleagues at Adrian...

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Making a Splash
Tate Gunnerson | April 3, 2014

“This is a happy, bright, high-energy house,” explains Lake Forest-based interior designer Megan Winters of the five-bedroom getaway home in Naples, Fla., that she designed for a Lake Forest couple with four grown children. Winters spent six months on...

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Bright Benefactor!
Aleksandra Bush | January 2, 2014

When E! News host and reality star Giuliana Rancic was first diagnosed with breast cancer, she turned to Chicago activist Lindsay Avner of Bright Pink for support. Now a healthy new mom, Rancic is giving back. She recently hosted Bright Night!...

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Tanisha Wallis | January 1, 2014


Baha’i Temple, Wilmette

As the sun was setting, hobbyist photographer Michael McCawley parked his camera in front of the Baha’i Temple—one of his favorite spots on the...

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Amped Up!
Nate Chapnick | January 1, 2014

It’s electric. It’s gasoline. It’s both. Porsche’s new redesigned 2014 Panamera combines the best of both worlds: zero emissions of a plug-in electric motor with the power and unlimited long-distance range of a V6 gasoline engine. It’s a perfect...

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Care Bear
Michael Wren | January 1, 2014

There’s no need to remind James Anderson of the number stitched onto the back of his uniform. In May 2013, after seven years with the Carolina Panthers, the former Virginia Tech standout signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears, becoming the first Bear linebacker...

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Into the Woods
Michael Wren | Photography by Jason Little | January 1, 2014

Sometimes, a little sincerity can go a very long way. Take Farmhouse, for instance, the new farm-to-table restaurant in the Hilton Orrington Hotel of Evanston.

As far as I can tell...

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