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Funny Business
By Andrea Guthmann | September 11, 2015

It’s been more than 20 years since George Wendt held a seat at the beloved bar where everybody knows your name. His role as Norm Peterson in the long-running ’80s TV sitcom Cheers ensured that everyone in America knew his name. Born...

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Coming Home
By Laura Hine | September 11, 2015

You might have heard this fairy tale—at least parts of it—already. It starts with a beautiful 21-year-old from Waukegan meeting an up-and-coming star Chicago Cubs pitcher, Kerry Wood. Sarah was working in Chicago and attending college, but her story...

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Directing Destiny
By Laura Hine | September 11, 2015

“When I write my autobiography, it’ll be called Accidental Excellence,” Kimberly Senior jokes as we talk about the beginning of her directorial career as a musical theater major at Connecticut College. It’s funny because...

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Playing It Cool
By Tate Gunnerson | July 13, 2015

When Shelly Handman of Handman Associates first toured the recently constructed English Tudor-style home of his new clients—a hedge-fund manager and stay-at-home mother of two boys—he quickly deduced that its overly traditional, almost fussy...

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Beauty and the Beach
By Zlata Naumovski | July 13, 2015

Modern design, natural materials and three beach alcoves—cleverly defined by rising stone breakwaters— beckon North Shore residents to visit ...

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World Muse
By Kerrie Kennedy | July 13, 2015

What do you get when you mix two Winnetka friends with serious fashion-business chops (they were stylists), a passion for travel (they both own second homes in Colorado) and the desire for unique, stylish accessories that look great whether on the North Shore or the...

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Party On
By Andrea Guthmann | July 13, 2015

Is your child aiming for the NBA? Let him or her have a shot with Highland Park’s Toni Kukoc of the legendary Chicago Bulls dream team. Your child and nine friends get to shoot hoops for an hour with Kukoc at...

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Going Public
Michael Wren | Photography by Neil Burger | July 13, 2015

“You’re going to like this one,” said our waiter as he slid a plate of chef Jasper Michael’s cold-smoked venison carpaccio onto our table. He paused for a beat—hoping, I suppose, to whet our appetites with a...

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Go Pro
By Wendy Altschuler | July 13, 2015

For your star-struck teen, Light Opera Works is offering an audition-only chance to be in the Broadway classic South Pacific. For 2 ½ weeks, students ages 13 to 18...

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Great Tastes
By Laura Hine, Sarah Winokur and Michael Wren | July 10, 2015


1. Abigail’s American Bistro
Few chefs on the North Shore cook with more vim and vigor—both in...

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New in Town
By Marjie Killeen | July 10, 2015

A fresh, hip SoCal vibe has arrived on the North Shore in the form of Kovet, a women’s boutique in Northbrook that opened this June. Owner Karen Scott, a Columbia University MBA...

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Home School
By Laura Hine | July 10, 2015

When Marilee Fellinger’s three children were toddlers, she spent more than a few afternoons at her home in Glenview watching cooking shows while they napped. “But I didn’t want to just watch; I wanted to get in there and ask the chef questions,”...

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