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North Shore Arts & Culture
Tricia Despres, Elaine Doremus and Cynthia A. Raymond | January 1, 2014

Re-Invent, a quirky 4,000-square-foot community art space in Lake Forest, was created by two 24-year-old...

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Fire Escape
Michael Wren | Photography by Anthony Tahlier | October 4, 2013

It’s inevitable. Settle into the new outpost of Roka Akor in Old Orchard and your eyes will be drawn to the massive four-tier grill stationed in front of the restaurant’s open kitchen. That impressive piece of equipment...

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Glass Act
Brian Dukerschein | October 4, 2013

When Bruce and Judy Bendoff started dating more than 50 years ago, the young couple celebrated their budding relationship by purchasing a set of glass ducks by Fostoria. From this romantic beginning grew a collection of more than 250 works, including pieces from some...

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Need for Speed
Nate Chapnick | October 4, 2013

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you—this little red number is indeed a Volvo. The Swedish automaker’s restyled 2014 S60 is a racer, with a 325 horsepower turbocharged engine that propels it from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. A matte black grille and...

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Taste Makers
Elaine Doremus | October 4, 2013

Brooklyn-born Anthony Terlato began his career stacking boxes in his father’s grocery/liquor store, Leading Liquor Marts, on Chicago’s north side in the 1950s, before joining Anthony Paterno (his father-in-law-to-be) at Pacific Wine Co., the first...

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Real Deal
Elaine Doremus | October 4, 2013

In each 30-minute segment, Malay and co-panelists Jeff Lewis (Interior Therapy) and Mary McDonald (Million Dollar Decorators), along with British host Stephen Collins, break down the good, the bad and the ugly of luxury real estate across the country....

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Elaine Doremus | October 3, 2013

“The shows demonstrate the precision, grace and athleticism of Lipizzan horses and their rider/trainers,” says Goldberg. In the highly anticipated “Airs Above the Ground” segment of the program, the stallions performed several movements originally...

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Second to None
Luis R. Rigual | October 3, 2013

Intrigued by Australia ever since childhood, when I first discovered that the Southern Hemisphere landmass was both a country and a continent, I felt well-versed enough in Down Under lore before embarking on a recent trip to Melbourne. I am, after all, familiar...

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Women of Style & Substance
Doremus and Rebecca Gibson | October 3, 2013

Kristin Cavallari, Winnetka
“Effortless and chic” is how Kristin Cavallari sums up her personal style. From wearing flip-flops and jean skirts as a Barrington High School student,...

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Taylor Made
| October 3, 2013

Lili Taylor can see it coming a mile away. Name one of her most recognizable films—be it Mystic Pizza, Say Anything or The Haunting—and she immediately knows which one fans will want to talk about. “I usually see it as they are coming...

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Elaine Doremus | July 1, 2013


Fountain Square, Evanston

“Evanston turns the fountains on Memorial Day weekend, and then I had to wait a few days for good weather before going out to shoot,...

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On the Prairie
Carrie Neill | July 1, 2013

You’ve said that one of your goals as executive director is to expand Ragdale’s sphere of influence locally with other cultural institutions, government organizations and business. Is that underway?
Yes. I spent almost every Friday...

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