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Serbian Wine Dinner at Quince

When: May 22, 2014 6:30 PM
Price: $70 per guest
Event Phone Number: (847) 570-8400
Quince Restaurant
1625 Hinman Ave
Ste 102
Evanston IL

Quince restaurant will hold a four course, Serbian wine dinner on Thursday, May 

22. Executive Chef Andy Motto has created four dishes (prawn; squab; bison; 

dessert) to pair with Francuska Vinarija wine. Wine Director Scott Quint will 

lead this event, discussing the interesting history of the vineyard. The evening 

will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the fee to attend is $70 per guest (exclusive of tax 

and gratuity).


The winemakers behind Francuska Vinarija ("French Winery") are Cyrille and 

Estelle Bongiraud. Cyrille spend much of his career consulting for over 200 

estates in France, the U.S., Spain and Italy. He and his wife decided to create 

a project of their own, and in 2007, found the ultimate terroir in Rogljevo on 

Serbia's eastern border. The Bongirauds make this organic wine on 60 hectares 

with seven villagers who own the vines. They feel they have revived the 

forgotten treasure of winemaking in this historic region, an area where growers 

once lost the right to make wine.


Serbian Wine Dinner Menu


Course One

Prawn - green curry, peanut, Asian herbs

Pairing - Francuska Vinarija, Poema 2009


Course Two

Squab - morels, spring garlic, buckwheat

Pairing - Francuska Vinarija, Istina Rouge 2009


Course Three

Bison - strawberry, English pea, ramps

Pairing - Francuska Vinarija, Obecanje 2009


Course Four

Almond - rhubarb, mascarpone, citrus

Pairing - Francuska Vinarija, Istina Blanc 2009


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