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Dear Julia

Wilmette native Julia Allison, 31, is many things, but private is certainly not one of them. The relationship columnist and media personality has made a living putting herself out there, and never more than on this past summer’s dating documentary, Miss Advised, on Bravo. Allison, who is now happily in a relationship, shared her hard-earned advice with NS.

 Reality star Julia Allison.

You’ve dealt with your fair share of criticism over the years, and yet you still put yourself out there on Miss Advised. Thoughts?
It was one of the hardest things ever, which sounds silly. I’m sure someone would say, ‘Well, then you need to do harder things!’ I wanted to give up. I had no control over anything. The irony is that I found enlightenment through a reality show. The truth about life is that you don’t have control over it, so if you can surrender enough to get through a reality show, maybe you should in life as well.

You’ve lived in L.A., N.Y. and Chicago. Where are the best men?
Men in Chicago are beer and baseball guys. They’re down-to-earth and unpretentious. New York men are so career-driven and ambitious; on a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 15, whereas Chicago guys are a very reasonable 7. L.A. guys are a 3. The most ambitious thing they’ll do all day is get out of bed.

Next on your agenda?
The only logical next step for someone who has written 10-plus years of columns is to write a book. I’ll start writing the proposal this fall, and then we’ll see about season two of Miss Advised. I’m also writing a fiction book with a co-writer.

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