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Family Affair

At Highland Park’s Enáz, style runs in the family.

My three daughters Samantha Lurie, Lena Blitstein & Melinda Kaplan

Enáz has a lot to celebrate: the 20th anniversary of its Highland Park store, a thriving shop in Northfield and a soon-to-open location in Libertyville. Sisters Melinda Lurie Kaplan, Lena Lurie Blitstein and Samantha Lurie run the stores, while their mother Susan Lurie, who is semi-retired, works on launching each new store. Their dad also gets involved. “He’s the tie-breaker,” says Kaplan, and jokingly adds that when they get to blows, he steps in.

The sisters love brands like Joie, Waverly Grey and Drew that are stylish for young moms, but wearable for women of any age. Their growing client base shares their taste, and beyond the merchandise, customers come back for the sense of fun and joy in the store as the sisters, sales clerks and clients all banter and talk. “I love the atmosphere,” says Blitstein. “Women come here to get dressed by other women and get an honest opinion.” Samantha notes that many women can put on a T-shirt and jeans, but what makes an outfit are the accessories, and Enáz has everything from handbags to signature-scented lotions to gorgeous jewelry. The sisters have helped launch many local designers including Rita Ratskoff, Allison Fiutak, Peppina by Jen Hansen, Avaasi designed by Asia Borycka, Aviva Rose by Pamela Cohen and Shoshanna Lee by Sandee Zahn. They frequently collaborate with and give advice to up-and-coming designers. “We love to see what’s out there and what people are missing,” says Samantha. And Blitstein chimes in, “It’s in our blood.” 444 Central Ave., Highland Park, 847.433.6466 and 309 Happ Road, Northfield, 847.446.5551