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Jewel’s Essential Ravinia Picnic
Lavender honey
A good soft cheese
A good crunchy loaf of bread
An avocado to ‘smush on something’
A good bottle of wine

Street Singer

Jewel makes her Ravinia Festival debut.

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Jewel was only 16 years old and attending school in Michigan when she found herself boarding a train toward San Diego. Her plan was to hitchhike from there to Mexico, carrying virtually nothing but a bag of mismatched clothes and her guitar. And just when she thought she had everything planned out perfectly, fate stepped in.

“The first stop we made was in Chicago, and it was St. Patrick’s Day, so I couldn’t resist,” recalls the Alaskan-born beauty, who will make her Ravinia Festival debut on Sunday, June 16. “I spent the day street singing, and as fate would have it, I ended up writing the lyrics to ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’ on the corners of Michigan Avenue.”

Signed to Atlantic Records just three short years later, Jewel went on to sell more than 27 million albums in the pop and country genres. Her 1995 debut, Pieces of You, dominated the charts with hits such as “You Were Meant for Me” and “Foolish Games,” both of which are on her current Greatest Hits release. “I love getting back on tour and letting the fans see firsthand that the songwriting and the lyrics have always been at the core of my music, especially the songs that were so pop,” says Jewel during an exclusive interview with NS.

Besides the new tour and the release of the Greatest Hits album, 2013 also brings Jewel’s acting debut, taking the lead role of June Carter Cash in the upcoming Lifetime biopic The June Carter Cash Story, set for release this spring.
She also has been in the studio recording a brand-new holiday album.

All of this… with a toddler on board. “We took out the bunks on one side of the hallway of the tour bus and put a crib bolted changing station,” chuckles Jewel, who shares her Texas home with professional bull riding hubby Ty Murray and almost 2-year-old son Kase. “[Kase] will be out there with me every step of the way. He really has brought a new pleasure for me touring. I’ve always enjoyed singing for people, but I used to find the road lonely and isolating. Being able to spend the day with him showing him all that the area has to offer is going to be super fun.”

“Is downtown Chicago very close to Ravinia?” Jewel asks. Just a train ride away.