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Bird’s-Eye View

This O.C. native is bringing the male perspective to Hollywood’s Millionaire Matchmaker.


Bird's Hots: Country music, sushi, sports cars, health and fitness, positivity

Bird's Nots: Flaky people, black olives, pessimism, arrogance, walking into spider webs

Justin Bird’s always had a knack for finding perfect dates-he’d set up his friends all the time. So, the Corona del Mar matchmaker decided to go pro. He landed an interview with America’s most famous matchmaker, Patti Stanger, the star of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, and theirs turned out to be a match made in reality-TV heaven. “She recognized my lifelong habit of giving dating advice and being the go-to guy for both men and women with relationships,” says Bird, who, by the way, is single. “She offered me a job on the spot.”

He spent the latter part of 2013 working with Stanger during the filming of the series’ seventh season. As the title suggests, Stanger and the crew of her Beverly Hills-based company try to find love for their millionaire clients, including celebrities. His venture into reality TV took him off a carefully planned—if decidedly less exciting—career path. Since graduating from college, he’d worked at his family’s moving company, learning the business from the ground up—including finance, marketing and sales—and even earning an MBA from Chapman University. And for now, he’s making the most of his love connection with Hollywood. “I’m not entirely sure what the future holds for me,” he notes. “But as of today, I’m thoroughly enjoying my job.”