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A falcon lands at Montage Laguna Beach, and Toshiba celebrates another classic.


Montage Laguna Beach

Mother Nature is full of surprises, as Ted Bigham learned on this particular February afternoon. The lensman was making his way down the coast to photograph the Victoria Beach castle turret and decided to stop in at the uberluxe Montage resort, which sits high up on a bluff overlooking a breathtaking stretch of Laguna that’s part rocky and part sandy. And he arrived just in time to experience one of the destination’s nature programs—this one, in particular, focused on the role falcons play on the property. “They’re actually at the Montage to keep the seagulls and pigeons away,” Bigham notes. “It’s awesome to know that this relatively small bird is a natural predator to the much larger seagulls in the area, and if it wasn’t tethered, it would be hunting them.” A natural beauty.