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For tips on how to keep our pouts pretty this holiday season, we sat for a chat with Dr. Monika Kiripolsky from Obagi’s ( dazzling new Laguna Beach center.

Obagi’s new Laguna Beach center.

There’s big buzz over this ubermodern institute-O.C.’s mavens of beauty no longer have to drive to Beverly Hills or San Gabriel to take advantage of the broad spectrum of cutting-edge treatments aimed at everything from eliminating acne to restoring a youthful glow. Here, Kiripolsky shares her knowledge.

What's your most important skincare advice as we head into cooler temps?
Keep wearing sunscreen every day. It may be cloudy or cold, but you’re still getting sun exposure. And when traveling on an airplane, close your window to protect yourself from UVA-it’s much stronger than when you’re on the ground.

We’re all searching for a magic treatment that turns back the clock. What's your favorite?
Someone once said that the eyes are the window to the soul, yet the appearance of a woman's hands and chest is a window to her true age. We can remove sunspots from the back of your hands while tightening skin and restoring lost volume so that underlying veins and tendons aren’t so prominent. For the neck and décolletage, topical treatments and chemical peels are magical treatments.

The biggest skincare mistake women make?
We’re taught to put moisturizer on to prevent wrinkles, but in truth, moisturizer actually weakens the skin. Your body senses moisture and therefore stops producing it from within. Any product that you apply to your face should serve a purpose, such as repairing sun damage, stimulating collagen growth or repairing damaged DNA.