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Testing Their Mettle

Former Olympian Jaime Komer and her husband, Matt, explore the world with open minds, bodies and souls.

Jaime and Matt Komer

Olympic water polo silver medalist Jaime Komer’s personal motto is “Athlete at heart, yogi by practice, traveler by nature.” So it’s not a stretch that last year, she and her husband—former professional volleyball player Matt Komer—launched Costa Mesa-based Athlete.Yogi.Traveler. The hybrid wellness-travel company incorporates scenic off-the-beaten-path travel destinations with yoga and other healthy practices. And this year, the couple has eight trips planned, and they’re starting up a nonprofit, Mat Movement, to “share yoga to inspire global positivity.” Here, Jaime talks about her venture into entrepreneurial mindfulness.

Tell me about the company’s name. It embodies who we are as a couple, the company’s vision and the movement we hope to inspire-the mindset of an athlete, the values of a yogi and the enthusiasm of a traveler who wants to experience the world.

Your title is chief experience creator. Matt’s title is master of direction. How did you come up with these? We were in Mexico enjoying some good quality sun and tequila, talking over Athlete.Yogi.Traveler’s goals and our roles. We like to think outside the box and not exactly stick to the norm.

Why do yoga and travel go together? When you travel, you open yourself up to new experiences, cultures and perspectives. Practicing yoga encourages letting go of any preconceived notions about yourself and others, being present in the moment, and challenging yourself mentally and physically.

How good of a yoga practitioner do you need to be to enjoy these trips? All levels are definitely welcome. Believe it or not, half of our clients have barely practiced yoga before their trip with us. It’s not about how many headstands you can do, or how twisty-bendy you can be.

Average cost of a weeklong trip? It all depends on location. Take Nicaragua versus Italy as an example. Nicaragua is fairly inexpensive once you’re there, with minimal extra fees. Accommodations are simple, but right on the Pacific Ocean. Price tag was just under $2,000. Italy, on the other hand, is Italy—price tag is around $3,000.

Shifting topics a bit… We’ve got to ask you, as a former Olympian, will you be watching the Winter Olympics? We decided to cancel our cable soon after we started Athlete.Yogi.Traveler. It’s amazing what you can get done when not having the distraction of a TV. But we do plan on watching the Winter Games for sure. My insight? I know that whether you get a medal or not, you put your heart and soul on the line. The mental and physical journey to get to the games is often the hardest part. The medal is really the icing on the cake.