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The Iceman Cometh

We all know Teemu Selanne as the Ducks’ white-hot winger and an alternate captain of the team—the guy who rules the ice and even has coaches from opposing teams quipping stuff like, “He’s like fine wine... He’s been spectacular since day one.” 

Ducks’ winger Teemu Selanne is taking his talents off the ice with a new restaurant venture.

Now he’s adding another moniker to his name: restaurateur. He’s teaming up with buddies Kevin Pratt and Jim Shumate, who already know a thing or two about the biz, to open up a resto in what used to be the French 75 space in Laguna. We caught up with the “Finnish Flash” to get to the meat of the matter. Here’s the inside scoop. 

So how’d this come about? The three of us have been buddies for a long time. Our wives are very involved too, so it’s going to be a fun venture.

Tell us about the menu. It’s going to feature upscale American steaks and chops, and a little Finnish food to spice it up.

Will there be a hockey theme? That’s not the style we’re going for. I don’t want it to look like a sports bar.

What’s your vision? There will be three different areas—the bar and lounge, then a little bit higher-end seating downstairs and upstairs will be fine dining.

And, now that we know you’re a foodie, we’ve got to ask your preferences on a few culinary staples... Filet or prime rib? That’s hard—I like filets, but I still like meat with a lot of flavor, like rib-eye.

Red or white wine? Both. Summertime, I like white wine. But obviously with steaks, I’ll take a nice glass of red.

Fish or chicken? Seafood. I always look forward to having a really good piece of salmon or sea bass.

Champagne and caviar, or Champagne and chocolate? Definitely Champagne and caviar. Champagne and chocolate is for the ladies!