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Gillian Flynn | July 7, 2014


Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

For San Diegans driving on the 5 South toward downtown, May 8 will forever be remembered as one of the most snarled traffic days of the year...

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Art Attack
AnnaMaria Stephens | July 7, 2014

San Diego’s art scene always heats up in the summer, when a surge of tourists—and locals exploring the city’s cultural offerings with renewed vigor—practically guarantees gangbusters attendance at local museums. And they’...

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And Away They Go!
Valerie Rogatsky | July 7, 2014

1. The Brigantine has been preparing for their big season of track-packed action. On opening day, the Solana Beach hillside resto rolls out new food and...

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To Dine For
The Editors and John Mariami, with Lesley Balla and John DeMers | July 2, 2014


Rose. Rabbit. Lie

Don't-Miss Dish Under Feast, plates meant to be shared, you...

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Book Report
Gillian Flynn | July 1, 2014

When Ellen Gustafson got married to her naval officer husband in Annapolis, she enlisted a farmer to grow the herbs and veggies for the reception, and the fish served for dinner was line-caught at the bachelor party. "It was true to form," says...

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The Road Less Traveled
Paul Rubio | July 1, 2014

Despite being the largest city in Baja California Sur, La Paz—the charming capital city of Mexico's 31st state, located two hours north of Los Cabos on the Sea of Cortez, which flaunts a similar sun-kissed marriage of desert and...

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The 50 Finest
Amy Finley | July 1, 2014

Ironside Fish & Oyster
Chef and partner Jason McLeod’s two Michelin stars are at play at this new Little...

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Cup Runneth Over
Amy Finley | June 20, 2014

1. Only World Cup—arguably the hipster universe’s most sacred sporting event—could get the Blind Lady Ale House brewers out of bed and...

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Juicy Couture
Valerie Rogatsky | June 13, 2014

1. The La Jolla beach bungalow housing Nékter is a post-workout scene, with the lean and lithe set rolling in for signature drinks like the Greenie, made with...

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Book It!
Shannon Foley | June 9, 2014

1. Game of Thrones fan? Then get thee to Mysterious Galaxy, S.D.’s headquarters for sci-fi and fantasy lit for more than 20 years. Beloved by bibliophiles and...

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