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Dive In!
Valerie Rogatsky | May 16, 2014

1. We can’t get enough of the elegant Westgate Hotel. On June 5, local legend Gilbert Castellanos will kick off their eclectic Sunset Poolside Jazz Series,...

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True 'Cue
Amy Finley | May 9, 2014

1. Coop’s chef and owner, Brad Cooper, hails from Midland, Texas, where West Texas barbecue is an institution. This is cowboy style cooking—meat cooked directly over...

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Bronze Ambition
Shannon Foley | May 1, 2014

1. An in-home salon may be the stuff of our dreams, but Plush Tan’s in-home tanning service is the next best thing. Beloved by local celebs, posh mommies...

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Sea Change
Amy Finley | Photography by Andrea Bricco | April 28, 2014

During March Madness, in the pause between the triumphant round of 32 and what would be the San Diego State Aztecs’ heartbreak appearance in the Sweet 16, innocent of this fate and so still riding high on a wave of...

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Gillian Flynn | April 28, 2014


Downtown via Shelter Island

Three. That’s the number of times annually a full moon rises above downtown San Diego, making it a holy-grail shot for photographers, both...

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The Transformers
AnnaMaria Stephens | April 28, 2014

It doesn’t look like the kind of place that would lure a young family. Each half of the chic Hillcrest duplex has an unconventional layout and stairs—so many stairs. But don’t tell that to the couple who won the bidding...

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Epic Proportions
Eric Olson | April 28, 2014

When San Diego-based filmmaker Pierce Kavanagh visited New York City in 2011 to screen his documentary Manufacturing Stoke at the New York Surf Film Festival, the disconnect between the big city and the big waves served as a motivation....

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Suite Yourself
Wendy Bowman, Gillian Flynn and Jasmin Rosemberg | April 28, 2014

Some Like It Haute
Drumroll, please. After years in the planning, the desert will be hotter than ever when the The Ritz-...

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Porsche, Plein Air!
Nate Chapnick | April 25, 2014

Is it a coupe or is it a convertible? The 2014 911 Targa 4S is actually a bit of both, giving drivers the top-down freedom of a convertible with the stylish lines and performance of a hardtop coupe. The latest addition to the 911 lineup...

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From Sea to Shore
Beth Weitzman | April 25, 2014

With an alarming possibility of disappearing within the next 50 years due to global warming and a rising sea level, now is the time to experience the Maldives, the world’s lowest-lying nation, with its more than 1,100 white-sanded coral islands...

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