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An S.D. shooter rises to the challenge of capturing a full moon over Downtown.


Downtown via Shelter Island

Three. That’s the number of times annually a full moon rises above downtown San Diego, making it a holy-grail shot for photographers, both pro and amateur alike. The latter comes out in full force, thanks to... technology, people. A phone app, The Photographer’s Ephemeris, helps plan outdoor shoots, replete with a sun and moon calculator compass. “Coronado Island is too far south for the moon to come up over downtown, and Harbor Island was going to sway more north, so I figured Shelter Island would be the perfect place, as a full moon rising over water is just a more pleasing photo,” says S.D. pro shooter Scott Murphy. When he arrived, he wasn’t alone. “Everyone was lined up trying to use the app compass—but even with the coordinates, you never know. The moon rises so fast, you can’t run and move with your equipment. I had other photographers 10 feet down, and their moon shots were coming over the buildings, versus Mount San Miguel, and they were quickly scrambling. I was lucky and just happened to be in the right place.” (Winner: humans.)