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“It was a frenzy. The sailors were going nuts over Gerard Butler, who obviously isn’t doing too bad in the looks department,” laughs photographer Robert Benson, who was on the naval base and Camp Pendleton for the first screenings of Olympus Has Fallen.  


Naval Base
San Diego

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined by co-stars Aaron Eckhart and Rick Yune, as well as director Antoine Fuqua. “I followed [Butler] through the crowds of hundreds, taking pictures, and the girls were reaching out to touch him,” says the shooter. Benson, who was previously a photojournalist in the Navy for 20 years, said it was fun getting back on base with all the camaraderie, but the real highlight? Rapping out with Fuqua during a 30-minute drive. “It was just us and his driver, and I told him I really enjoyed his movie Training Day. I kind of felt like Chris Farley in those SNL episodes where he plays a bumbling talk show host on The Chris Farley Show, interviewing stars and saying things like, ‘Remember that part in your movie where...’”