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Matt Bendik defines West Coast nightlife with exclusive, white-hot projects like L.A.’s Voyeur Nightclub, Hollywood’s AV and Addiction in Honolulu’s Modern Hotel. Up next? Breathing new life into the Gaslamp’s Red Circle this fall.

Nightlife impresario Matt Bendik at his L.A. hot spot, AV. His sights are set on San Diego.

Why S.D.?
I’m doing Hawaii, I’ve done Vegas and San Diego is one of the last West Coast markets that I’m excited about. I’m bringing a smaller, theatrical, service-oriented space to life and filling a higher-end niche.

Who’s involved?
Some Voyeur and AV guys—Sound Investments, lighting designer Steve Lieberman and interior designer Davis Krumins—and some local guys. I never assume I know a market better than the people based there.

What about the music program?
I haven’t picked nights out yet, but a mix—electronic dance music, open format—similar to Hollywood.

And design?
All natural materials and a dark, moody, sexy flow. I like the idea of playing with a church theme and cathedral elements.

What’s your take on the vodka backlash?
Honestly, that’s a little pretentious.

S.D. favorites?
I’m always checking out Fluxx, Voyeur, Searsucker and Herringbone. And I just checked out Polite Provisions in North Park.

What are you over?
Women with duck lips and people on their phones. They just need to stay at home.

Do you have a ban on bachelorette parties?
No, but I have a ban on the tacky accessories…