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Triple Threat

The Kimpton hotel property chefs have their way with summer’s favorite fruit when they meet Aug. 22 for a three-chef, three-course, tomato-themed dinner at Jsix (

A tomato-themed dish by Christian Graves at Jsix

The second in a seasonal series that began with a pea-themed dinner at Cusp ( back in March (dessert was a pea and almond honey panna cotta with honeycomb, basil and toasted oats), dinner to-may-to (or to-mah-to) will have each chef digging deep into his bag of culinary tricks to coax out the subtle nuances of the juicy heirlooms, transforming them into an appetizer, entree and dessert. “We have very different styles of cooking, but there are similar threads,” says Christian Graves, quarterbacking this dinner on his home turf and providing the main dish. Cusp’s Donald Lockhart tackles the appetizer this time around, leaving Saltbox’s ( Simon Dolinky to bring out tomato’s sweet side. “I’ll definitely be doing some sort of tomato sorbet.” Up next? Squash season at Saltbox in November.