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Public Defender: San Francisco Sheriff’s Deputies Forced Inmates to Fight Each Other, and Gambled on Results
Joe Eskenazi | March 26, 2015


San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi today is presenting the explosive...

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"It's Easy to Be Chinese in San Francisco”
Bonnie Tsui | March 26, 2015


Editor's Note: This is one of many stories about the Chinese-American city that San Francisco is publishing over the next month, all part of the April 2015 Chinese Issue....

Yoshitomo Saito 1000 Prayers

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Playing BART Tourist in: Walnut Creek
AK Carroll | March 25, 2015


Walnut Creek! It’s not that bad! Don’t believe us? Here’s four new reasons to give the East Bay burb a second—or first—look.

Drink: Whether you...

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Study: SF Is Getting Ever So Slightly More Conservative
Scott Lucas | March 25, 2015


Voters who have moved to the city recently are turning out to be more conservative on local ballot measures than residents who have been here longer,...

sewer rap

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Can’t Touch This: City Workers Release Rap Song and Video Promoting Sewage System
Joe Eskenazi | March 25, 2015


For any would-be music critic who’s been inspired to pun on the words “rap” and “crap...

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Star of 'Looking' Says HBO Just Cancelled the Greatest Show About San Francisco Ever Made
Scott Lucas | March 25, 2015


Bad news for Patrick, Richie, cute British accent guy, Scott Bakula, um, the bear with the...

The BART dress

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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working
Scott Lucas | March 25, 2015



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The Chinese-American City
San Francisco magazine | March 24, 2015


Culture, Politics, and the Rise of a Chinese-American Establishment

A little over four years ago, on January 11, 2011, Edwin Mah Lee was appointed the first Chinese-American mayor of...

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Think You’ve Hiked it All? Think Again
Jenna Scatena | March 24, 2015


So you’ve sauntered the winding paths of Briones, conquered the steep ascents of the Dipsea, and trekked nearly every trail in between in a 60-mile radius? Congrats, but there are a few...

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Red Carpet Observations From Last Night's Game of Thrones Premiere
Jon Steinberg | March 24, 2015


What is it about HBO and San Francisco right now? Not only are Looking and Silicon Valley set here, but Game of...

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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working
Scott Lucas | March 24, 2015


Game of Thrones Premieres: Hodor! [...

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