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Day Without Immigrants: These Restaurants Are Staying Open—And Donating Profits to Immigrant Rights
Lamar Anderson | February 16, 2017


All over the country today, immigrants are making their presence felt through their...

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The Next Oroville: California’s Ailing Levees Could Produce a Catastrophe ‘Greater Than Hurricane Katrina’
Joe Eskenazi | February 15, 2017


If you were to drive from San Francisco to Ronald Stork’...

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Getting Kinky with the Han Dynasty
Ian A. Stewart | February 15, 2017


File this under Some Things Never Change: When archaeologists pried into tombs where kings of the Chinese Han dynasty had been laid to their eternal rest, what do you suppose they found tucked in...

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Submarines for Everyone
Jessica Zack | February 14, 2017


Eric Stackpole fell in love with remote-operated vehicles, or ROVs, long before the current drone mania took hold. For kicks as an undergrad at San Jose State, Stackpole built a tele-robot that could...

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Herbal Essence
Rebecca Flint Marx | February 13, 2017


Yannick Crespo isn’t really a pot guy. Though he cops to smoking up every once in a while (“when I feel uneasy at night”), he’s more of a wine connoisseur, the kind who makes vineyard...

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Getting Lit: Bookish Cocktails Coming to the Ferry Building
Rebecca Flint Marx | February 10, 2017


The Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture is making February just a little bit more bearable on February 15, when its...

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Some Kind of Monster
Ian A. Stewart | February 10, 2017


A curious fact about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is that the novel totally glosses over the creature’s creation scene. Is it a bolt of lightning that does the trick, as in the...

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San Francisco Magazine Is Hiring a Food Editor
San Francisco magazine | February 9, 2017



San Francisco magazine is looking for an experienced and highly motivated journalist to...

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Bring On the Noise
Linda Lenhoff | February 9, 2017


Noise Pop celebrates its 25th anniversary this month with another explosion of indie sets from across the country playing venues across the Bay (Feb. 17–27). This year it’s headlined by...

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Shop Small
Erin Feher | February 8, 2017


Architect Matt Baran has a playful perspective on the three-story stack of 33 steel shipping containers he just erected in Oakland’s Longfellow neighborhood. “It’s sort of like one of those pinpoint impression...

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Our Enduring Hippie Sensibility, Explained
Ian A. Stewart | February 8, 2017


With all the Silicon Valley corporate-speak, it can feel increasingly hard to draw a straight line from the Bay Area’s utopian Whole Earth Catalog types to today...

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Easy Listening to Get Busy To
Ian A. Stewart | February 7, 2017


Having already convinced the ’80s crooner to dress up like a pirate for the music video for “Jack Sparrow,” the Lonely Island boys are...

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