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New Silicon Valley Congressman Ro Khanna Would Risk Arrest to Keep Immigrant Families Whole
Lamar Anderson | January 10, 2017

San Francisco magazine and This Golden State...

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Books to Help You Make It Through the New Year
Linda Lenhoff | January 10, 2017


By all indications, 2017 figures to be another torturous year, and Bay Area authors have rallied with three locally placed stories in which the personal gets political—a...

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Laugh Till You Cry
Ian A. Stewart | January 10, 2017


Considering that our presidential campaign season basically played out like the sketch comedy routine from hell, it feels oddly appropriate for the 16th annual San Francisco Sketchfest to...

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This Golden State Podcast: Gavin Newsom Vows to Fight the Border Wall with Hellish Bureaucracy
Lamar Anderson | January 9, 2017

San Francisco magazine and This Golden...

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A Voyeur’s Playland
Ian A. Stewart | January 6, 2017


On the subterranean level of the supersecret North Beach address where Boxcar Theater is preparing to host The Speakeasy, the elaborate “immersive theater experience”...

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Thank You for Oversharing
Diana Kapp | January 5, 2017


For Ayelet Waldman, a woman prone to catastrophizing and being easily rankled, a bit reckless, and highly anxious, election week was truly hell. Every few phone calls she made on behalf of Hillary Clinton,...

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Where Art and Artificial Intelligence Converge
Anh-Minh Le | January 4, 2017


Within San Francisco’s Historic Pier 70—just a few blocks from bustling Third Street, yet seemingly a world away—is the expansive industrial...

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This Golden State Podcast: For Nancy Pelosi, the Trump Resistance Starts with Medicare
Lamar Anderson | January 3, 2017

San Francisco magazine and This Golden State podcast...

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Trouble Below
Chris Roberts | January 3, 2017


Up on the hill above the former Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory in the Hunters Point shipyard, there’s an asphalt-topped basketball court. But good luck getting a game. One of the rims is gone, and even if it...

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A Rare Bird
Josh Sens | December 30, 2016


Among the many wonders of the natural world are the migratory journeys of some western waterfowl. Witness the travels of a duck I encountered a few weeks ago on the outskirts of Potrero Hill. Having come south from a farm in...

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