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Tarla Grill

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The Thirteen Best Ways to Celebrate Restaurant Month in Napa
Ian White | January 27, 2015


February is Restaurant Month in Napa Valley, which means there are deals just about everywhere. Just mention “restaurant month” to get hooked...

Gumshoes, Carmen Sandiego has struck again!

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A Group of Thieves Smashed a Car Into the Wells Fargo Museum and Stole a Bunch of Historic Gold Nuggets
Scott Lucas | January 27, 2015


Gumshoes, Carmen Sandiego and her slew of slippery sleazoids and bewildering bandits...

Clockwise from left: William Winters, Julie Barr, Joe Barr, Anna Hirsch, Shannyn

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Poly Love
Julia Scott | January 26, 2015


READ MORE: Stories about sex and love from the February issue of San Francisco magazine. 


“So are...

Sleeping with Other People

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Behold, a Rom-Com That Doesn't Suck
Annie Tittiger | January 26, 2015


Culture editor Annie Tittiger is spending the week reporting from Sundance. Check back for daily updates on the festival as well as Bay Area directors, stars, and more.

You hear the...

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DMV to Uber: J/k About Those Regulations
Scott Lucas | January 26, 2015


On Friday night, the California Department of Motor Vehicles...

E40 drinking Sluricane

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What We Were Reading While We Should Have Been Working
Scott Lucas | January 26, 2015


East Coast Blizzard Snarls SFO: We'd rather be stuck...

steve martin the jerk

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San Francisco Chronicle Calls San Franciscans "Jerks"
Scott Lucas | January 26, 2015


Important news from our paper of record:...

the French Laundry

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Police Have Found Most of the $300,000 in Wine Stolen From the French Laundry
Scott Lucas | January 23, 2015


All but a few of the 76 bottles of high-end wine stolen from The French Laundry on Christmas Day have been recovered by...

(l-r)  Susi Damilano, Cathleen Riddley, Carl Lumbly

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"We're All Branching Off the Same Trunk"
Scott Lucas | January 23, 2015


SF Playhouse's new show Tree ...

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