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Glen Canyon Park

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How to Fill Every Waking Moment of Your Memorial Day Weekend
Scott Lucas | May 22, 2015


It’s a three-weekend—and that’s wonderful. But don’t let all that power go to your head. Making the most out of our free time...

Rodney Strong concerts

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There Are a Million Winery Concert Series This Summer. Here’s Almost All of Them.
Ian White | May 22, 2015


Wineries now define themselves as much by the experiences that they offer as they do the wines they make. Some wineries...

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The Young Blue Line
Adam L. Brinklow | May 22, 2015


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The fifth-grade girl seems unsure of herself at first, but when her...

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Smart Cities: Shepherding the Voiceless
Lauren Seward | May 22, 2015


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Of San Francisco’s 800,000-plus people, a...

Seared foie gras at Haven.

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Rapid Reviews
Rebecca Flint Marx, Sara Deseran, and Josh Sens | May 22, 2015


Jack London Square
Following a quick reboot, Daniel Patterson’s Oakland restaurant has a new family-style...

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The Acai Ascension
A.K. Carroll | May 22, 2015


Long touted as a superfood, the acai berry is being blended into bowls at a growing number of Bay Area businesses.

At the Castro’s year-old BeBeBar (3809 18th st., near Church St., 415-203- 8406), there...

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New College Grads Can't Afford to Live in SF—or Oakland
Scott Lucas | May 21, 2015


It’s graduation season. Congratulations on that newly-minted degree in engineering, business, or critical anti-(re)ification studies. Enjoy those last...

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Smart Cities
San Francisco magazine | May 21, 2015


Cties have been dreaming up ways to improve themselves since the first ziggurat went up in Ur (the ur-ziggurat?): Rome introduced the apartment building, Cleveland the first electric traffic signal, and London the modern police force....

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Alameda County Cleans Up the Rap Sheet
Scott Lucas | May 21, 2015


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All too often, “felon” is a permanent label...

Safari West

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The Bay Area's Five Best Creature-Comfort Campouts
Jenna Scatena | May 20, 2015


Forget paying a quarter of your rent for two nights at an overpriced hotel, or schlepping heavy tents and equipment to a campsite, only to find out that you forgot...

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