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Cake from Black Jet Baking Company

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At the New Black Jet Baking Company, Heavenly Pastries Fall to Earth
Rebecca Flint Marx | March 6, 2017


Seven years after Gillian Shaw began turning out her habit-forming spins on Pop-Tarts, Oreos, and Nutter Butters—as well as some...

A rendering of the new food hall in Walnut Creek

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Grand Opening Alert: These Restaurants Are Coming Soon
Rebecca Flint Marx | March 6, 2017


Wise Sons Deli
ETA: Mid-April
The redoubtable Jewish delicatessen will branch out from...

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Reinventing the Lentil
Josh Sens | March 3, 2017


For years, my take on northern Indian food in San Francisco was something like my view of marital sex: nice, but not exactly filled with wild surprises. 

No matter where I strayed—a tandoori...

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Here Comes ‘Hamilton’
Ian A. Stewart | March 3, 2017


The hit play touches down March 10 at SHN’s Orpheum Theater—but it’s already piled up some box-office-shattering stats.

$3 million: The amount...

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From Hashtag to High Fashion
Damion Matthews | March 1, 2017


It’s no secret that Instagram is more about aspiration (and jealousy) than dream fulfillment. It’s a vehicle for stoking desire, not sating it. But every once in a while, the social media...

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The Five Best Wineries You’ve Never Heard of in Carneros
Ian White | March 1, 2017


Straddling Sonoma and Napa Valleys, Carneros is less than 60 miles by Zipcar from San Francisco, but its country vibe feels a world away. Come for the rolling hills...

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Missed Out on ‘Hamilton’ Tickets?
Ian A. Stewart | March 1, 2017


1. For fans of Roe v. Wade: Berkeley Rep hosts the world premiere of Roe, about attorney Sarah Weddington and plaintiff Norma McCorvey (“Jane Roe...

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In the Race for Governor, Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa Taps Republican Strategists and Channels…Trump?
Randy Shandobil | February 28, 2017

For four years now, former L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, has been out of...

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Seattle Chain Brings ‘Environmentalist’ Sandwiches to S.F.
Rebecca Flint Marx | February 27, 2017


In San Francisco, the words Seattle and chain typically add up to Starbucks, but as of January, they also equate with...

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The Document-Dump Drama
Ian A. Stewart | February 27, 2017


Secrecy, war, and treason are all rich veins for opera to mine. Yet you’ve never seen them explored quite the way they are in Ted Hearne’s oratorio ...

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Ghosts in the Ghost Ship
Brandon R. Reynolds | February 24, 2017


Carmen Brito lived in the Ghost Ship for almost exactly a year, until the deadliest fire in Oakland history destroyed it. She had found the place on Craigslist in late 2015 after four years of...

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