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California State Lawmakers Are Already Trying to Mess Up Trump’s Chances in 2020
Lamar Anderson | December 20, 2016


While Donald Trump celebrates yesterday’s Electoral College victory over Cuban stogies and...

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Magnificent Obsession: Tartine Manufactory’s Cookies ’n’ Cream
Rebecca Flint Marx | December 20, 2016


When Elisabeth Prueitt announced she was branching out from pastry into ice cream, suspense over its potential quality didn’t exactly...

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Three New Year’s Getaways for Dumping 2016
Caitlin Harrington | December 19, 2016


2016 has been one for the books. While you may have sent last...

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Noticed and Noshed: Scullery
Rebecca Flint Marx | December 19, 2016


Like Brexit and Marmite, Welsh rarebit is one of those U.K. exports that typically elude American comprehension. It’s also called Welsh rabbit, despite its total lack of rabbit, and the origin of...

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Their Life’s Work
Edited by Lamar Anderson | December 16, 2016


Micah Danemayer was about to form a new electronica band. Ara Jo was gearing up for the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest. Travis Hough was working on new songs and planning a 2017 tour for his...

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All That Sparkles
Caitlin Harrington | December 16, 2016


“Funky.” “Cloudy.” “Umami.” These descriptors may sound better suited to bone broth than sparkling wine. But a growing variety of sparklers are defying expectations and getting more adventurous...

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Anchor Distilling’s New Penthouse Is the Perfect Place to Go Gin (and Whiskey, and Vodka, and Rye) Tasting
Anchor Distilling | December 15, 2016


Beer nerds have been able to knock back brews in the...

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Meatless Wonders
Rebecca Flint Marx | December 15, 2016


When the Impossible Burger debuted at two San Francisco restaurants in October, it did something no other burger...

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Revenge of the Good Clowns
Lauren Murrow | December 15, 2016


See all the Affinities photo shoots here.

Sara Moore takes the recent...

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The Oakland Museum Looks Back at the Cultural History of Sneakers
Ian A. Stewart | December 14, 2016


From the simplest Chuck Ts to shoes loaded with the symbolic weight of hip-hop appropriation, our sneakers say a lot about us. Beginning...

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A Girl, a Radio Flyer, Some Engineering, and a Dream
Caitlin Harrington | December 14, 2016


Editor's Note: This is one of many stories about local influencers, insiders, and rabble rousers that San Francisco is...

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Tomás Saraceno’s Bubbly ‘Cloud Cities’ Go Floating at SFMOMA
Ian A. Stewart | December 13, 2016


You don’t have to be an expert on solar aerostatics, bubble geometry, or neural networks to appreciate Tomás Saraceno’s trippy, site-...

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