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Multiple media sources are reporting that the Golden State Warriors have abandoned their controversial plans for a waterfront stadium and have replaced... More»


San Francisco's streets can be dangerous for bicyclists. Several high profile deaths,... More»


Supervisor London Breed is not down with 4/20. She's not down at all. And she sort of has a point. Remember last year? (Hah, dumb question.) Well,... More»


We love everything about the Oakland A's. We love Double Play Wednesdays (even though we wish that tickets were still a buck). We love... More»

dave eggers

While the rest of the world of writers hits our four-blog-posts-a-day quota only though sheer willpower (and caffeine), San Francisco novelist Dave Eggers... More»


By day, it’s just another gunmetal-gray commuter bike, indistinguishable in the sea of monochrome two-wheelers streaming through the city. But once... More»