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Oakland's crab festival Strap on a bib and dig in to a bottomless pit of Dungeness crab at the... More»


Historically, cars haven’t been among my favorite things. But that's just changed after test driving the... More»


Most painters will do almost anything for a little name recognition.  But McGee, San Francisco’s most famous and... More»


Joe Lacob and Peter Guber are sitting on adjacent chairs at the swank City Club of San Francisco, facing a well-connected lunchtime crowd.... More»


It was a Saturday afternoon earlier this summer, and I was due back in the kitchen. A dinner party loomed. Hours earlier I had left the house, intending to... More»


The New Night Market While the festival doesn't officially kick off until Saturday morning, consider the festival's first night... More»


Good news: The state parks apocalypse has been averted. Over the past year, public-land advocates have collected enough... More»


1. If the Olympics are still fresh in your minds (along with Ryan Lochte’s wince-inducing tweets), check out the ... More»


The thing about my daughter,” says W. Kamau Bell, cradling an imaginary baby in his right arm, “is that when my wife is carrying her, she looks... More»


If you’re like me, when you attend any of the Bay Area’s plethora of wine tasting events, you leave feeling... More»


The Musical, a rollicking 2006 song-and-dance mockumentary about the rise of the fictional Symphonic Sensations from small-town high school choir to (as the... More»


  Twenty-five years after the Loma Prieta earthquake, are we prepared for its successor? As August’s South Napa Quake demonstrated, the... More»