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Last night at Hi Tops, a gay sports bar in the Castro, nobody was paying attention to the Giants-Mets... More»


ORACLE TEAM USA BASEBALL EQUIVALENT: NEW YORK YANKEES Oracle would have you believe that they’re the Giants... More»


“Up until recently, i would have said that he will absolutely be out there during some of the races. When he won in 2010, he was on the boat... More»


The Apple-Bow’s Demise (1851): The New York Yacht Club’s John Cox Stevens challenged the old world shipbuilding orthodoxy that... More»


Thanks to the magic of DVR, any local Cup fan could conceivably catch the races live and later that night on the boob tube. But let’s be honest, most... More»


THE KIWI KRAZY Defining Characteristics: Having traveled all the way from the southern hemisphere, the Kiwi... More»