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When the Seattle Seahawks decided to ban ticket sales to Californians to this Sunday's NFC Championship game, it was more than just a way of securing a... More»


For the third straight season, the 49ers are headed to the NFC Championship game. This time, they’ll meet their arch nemeses on the road in Seattle,... More»


Sorry haters—Larry Ellison doesn't care what you think about his toy boat race.  You probably already knew that, but more confirmation... More»

The Doggie Diner Heads.

Defend Your Kickstarter is a weekly look at the wild, wacky, and just plain wonderful world of Kickstarter. Today's project:... More»


All of my twitter feed is talking about is how cold it is outside, but I just stuck my hand out the window and it was not cold at all. What gives?... More»


Single-digit temperatures can't stop our 49ers from sacking Aaron Rodgers. They can't stop Colin Kaepernick from threading the needle with his arm and... More»