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Resolution: Learn a new skill Where to Start:... More»


It wasn't a convincing win, but the 49ers took care of business by beating the hapless Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, 27-13. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick did... More»


After the 49ers beat one of the best teams in the league last weekend, fans were hoping for an encore performance from Colin Kaepernick in Seattle last... More»


Scenario 1: BELLA particle accelerator creates black hole in Berkeley Where to be: Definitely not in Berkeley! Be... More»


Last night, the 49ers came away from New England with a thrilling, explosive 41-34 win that had many Colin Kaepernick doubters jumping ship. After the... More»


The 49ers got back on track on Sunday, beating the Miami Dolphins 27–13 at Candlestick Park, after dropping a game in overtime to the St. Louis Rams a... More»


Reverend Shundo David Haye Age: 48 Congregation:... More»


GRASSROOTS ROYALS Jane Ganahl and Jack Boulware COFOUNDERS OF ... More»


Leila Janah, 30, founder and CEO of Samasource. The big idea:... More»


WHEN PEOPLE ASK Denise Hale and Ken Fulk what keeps them together, they say it’s the sex. Yes, there is a bit of an... More»


In an era of antiseptic multiplexes charging $18 for 3-D IMAX screenings, Moses Ceaser is bringing a distinctly laid-back attitude to moviegoing with... More»


In a city where anyone with over 5,000 Twitter followers is a celebrity, what makes a true power couple? It’s not their combined... More»