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A play for the oppressed, The Pianist of Willesden Lane, through January 5... More»


Are you down for tacky sweaters, drag queens, and a TV classic with the raunch cranked to the max?  ... More»


1. Neal Benezra, Director USUAL JOB: Running the museum, reaching out to donors and collectors, curating the occasional... More»


Hey, what’s that LOVE painting doing next to that Matisse? This isn’t some radical, genre-squashing exhibition: It’s a behind-the... More»


SFMAG: When Inevitable premieres on Saturday, it’s not only the first performance of this play, but the first time any of your plays... More»


San Francisco's Asian Art Museum celebrated the opening of their new exhibit, ... More»


Zahra Noorbakhsh got her first lesson in being different at age 12, when she chose to wear a hijab to a Blockbuster in Danville, eliciting stares and... More»


Thursday, 8/2, Erika Spring Au Revoir Simone’s lead singer/keyboardist is striking out on her own with the recent release of... More»


Sioux City Kid, Thursday, 7/26 When lead singer Jared Griffin sings, you’ll wonder how a man from San... More»


Four photographer-fans discuss the thought-provoking, squirm-inducing, paradigm-shifting highlights of SFMOMA's can't-miss Cindy Sherman retrospective,... More»


6/28 Midi Matilda Their electro-pop combos will have you bobbing your head at first, but by the end of the performance you... More»


No, that’s not the setup to a joke; it’s one of the preparations for “Earthquake,” an exhibition opening May 26... More»