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Jean Paul Gaultier is all goofy grin, loosened tie, and sexily mussed collar as he strides into the VIP lounge of the launch... More»


Most San Franciscans already have at least a passing familiarity with the history of our famously liberal politics. But David Talbot's new book delves to... More»


Loquat's third full-length album achieves an impressive feat - it blends folky soft rock with synthy pop and makes it sounds great. This spunky record... More»


Duane makes an appearance at Omnivore Books May 15 at 6 p.m., 3885A... More»


These days, it's nigh impossible to swing a dead cat in San Francisco without hitting a '60s-style garage-rock band. All you need is a couple of guitar amps... More»


MSTRKRFT You’ve got to love bands that try to conceal its name (pronounced "Mastercraft") by removing the vowels.... More»


Phantoms of Asia preview party with Vin Sol and ... More»


Coachella is running two weekends this year and because all the bands had to agree to not perform at nearby venues, they’ve all trekked up to the Bay... More»


Acclaim came early for Daniel Clowes in the underground world of alternative comics. By the beginning of the ’90s, the then-... More»


The Believer’s new book Care to Make Love in That Gross Little Space Between Cars?... More»


Adam Levin’s 1,000-page metafiction monstrosity of 2010, The Instructions, is a hard act to follow, but McSweeney’s has released the author... More»