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  Editor's Note: This is one of many dispatches from Oakland that San Francisco magazine is publishing over the next month, all part of our... More»


  Good news for those of you who still have private cars—... More»


  If San Francisco were a summer camp, then Beach Blanket Babylon would be its talent show. The big hats, broad parodies, and jump-cutting... More»


Our June issue tries to cover all things Oakland, but there's too much city to take on in a single magazine. One of the Oakland issues that didn't quite... More»


San Francisco isn't just a hard city for artists—its a hard city for the organizations that support them. The latest causality is the Intersection for... More»


  Clear your calendar, cancel all your meetings, and call in sick to work on Thursday: the cat circus is in town.  The Amazing... More»


"It was a record of my passing. If I were to be killed, I wanted something that my son could have," says Ed Drew.  Though he's one... More»


  The film Palo Alto, opening in Bay Area theaters today, constructs a dark side for the quiet peninsula city—disaffected teens... More»


Godzilla rampages into theaters today in a colossal remake from Legendary Pictures (Batman Begins, Pacific Rim) starring Bryan... More»


The Marx-steeped WPA artists who installed the murals in Coit Tower 80 years ago might approve of Park and Rec's pick of Anvil Buliders Inc. to restore the... More»


This month at the California Academy of Sciences, you can get a look at 640 animal species's craniums... More»


When San Francisco novelist Don Carpenter died in 1995 he left his last manuscript, ... More»