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If you just want to drink... Marengo on Union will be serving classic... More»


It’s Wednesday night at 8 p.m. North Beach is hopping, but Tosca—as is often the case these days—is empty. Empty except... More»


The weekend forecast is looking good, and it’s going to... More»


Today is FourSquare Day, a self-made holliday from the social networking company that allows you to "check in" at places and earn special badges,... More»


Regardless of allegiances, March Madness is a flurry of buzzer-beaters, underdogs, and overtimes that must be witnessed from one’s favorite bar stool... More»


Kick off the weekend this Friday with a Blood and Shamrock or an Irish Margarita, and a corned beef appetizer, at... More»


What: Fauna, the sister bar to restaurant Flora in Downtown Oakland. Vibe: art deco shaken and stirred with film... More»


El Rio When the Party Starts: 5 p.m. Cover: Free Election Day Special:... More»


Squabbling over politics and getting drunk: Two American pasttimes that have gone together since the Whiskey Rebellion. Whether you'll need to toast your... More»


“I know it when I see it” is how Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously defined pornography. The same could be said for a dive bar. One... More»


Royal Cuckoo If Twin Peaks–era David Lynch opened a bar with an audiophile—say, Nick Hornby from the High Fidelity days... More»


Yeah, yeah, in the world of YouTube, something two days old is old news by now. But a couple of people just simultaneously emailed me the link to this... More»