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Wine Country: So close, yet so far away, especially with bumper-to-bumper on Highway 29. Luckily for us, with a handful of wineries and... More»


A boot shaped glass, otherwise known as "Das Boot," isn’t just a novelty item: It’s also a classic German drinking game. Can... More»


Gary Rieschel was looking incredibly relaxed for a man who had just spent $800,000 on a vertical tasting of every vintage of Harlan Estate... More»


Familiar with the tune of the British drinking song we know as the American national anthem? Love American beer equally appropriated from classic British... More»


Where: The Alchemist, 679 3rd St. (near Townsend St.), 415-746-9968 ... More»


1. Sip with the Rolling Stones at Cliff Lede Vineyards. If Apple... More»


Vodka can be Kosher for Passover under the right circumstances. Who knew? Well, you can trust... More»


The Spirit: Anchor Hophead Vodka ($30) S.F.... More»


By nature, wine geeks resist technology (we are still debating the value of corks 400 years after their invention)—which may be why no app has figured... More»


Not long ago at Bar Tartine, I was served an astonishing red from the moodily named winery... More»


“To be informative about the Fair is a task for someone with a steadier nose than mine,” E.B. White reported from the 1939 World’s Fair:... More»


Before you pop open that bottle of sparking wine and ring in the New Years in a tipsy haze, think about this: Not all wines are vegan. “People are... More»