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Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art, and Politics

  Want to get out of the city for New Year's Eve? Sonoma County has everything from concerts to comedy cabarets, all accompanied by great... More»


  The past several years have been good ones for the American craft chocolate fan: it seems that every week brings a new company touting its... More»

Braised lamb shanks at Penrose.

  Ever eaten a marsh bubble? Neither had I until I had the good fortune of attending Day 4 of ... More»

A spread at Pink Zebra.

  Fusion cuisine is the food world’s hair metal. Big in the ’80s, it has since been widely dissed as cartoonishly outdated, the... More»

House-made pastries at Arlequin

  The expert: Charles Bililies, chef-owner of Souvla' The picks: ... More»


  The best gift for a wine-lover is a special bottle chosen for a specific reason—a bottle that, say, comes from a momentous year in your... More»


  At first I think we might have come to the wrong address. When my cousin Dave and I ring the bell of a Bartlett Street... More»

Petit Pot

  At the very top of my list of new restaurants I love is Huxley, Kris... More»

Beets at Plin

Jack’s Oyster Bar & Fish House Oakland Happy hour arrives on the half shell at this spiffed-up seafood... More»


  “I'm tired of all these self-indulgent coffee bars with their precious attitudes, where everyone’s stuck watching the barista... More»