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The Bay Area cleaned up at last night James Beard Foundation Awards in New York City, winning four categories outright, including the top honors, which went... More»

Chopped beet salad at Bar Tartine

The expert: Sean Baker, executive chef at Verbena His... More»


The other week I was talking to a restaurateur who was trying to describe the food he’ll be serving at his new restaurant in Oakland. “We want... More»


Cinco De Mayo weekend is upon us again and we’ve collected an abundance of suggestions. Whether you want to be downing cerveza or slinking out of... More»


In the name of health, salads get a pass. We'll blithely fork up woody, spindly arugula and mushy ancient grains tossed in a wincingly vinegary dressing... More»

Bartender Michael Fraser

Nothing inspires generational conflict like a cocktail. Were things really better back when Don Draper swallowed Old Fashioneds like jello shots,... More»


SoMa restaurant Dirty Habit, which officially opens its doors on Thursday, has been passing out special discount tokens* to employees at the city's elite... More»


In 1999, when Jim Denevan came up with the idea for Outstanding in the Field, a roving... More»


I went to Bar Agricole the other night to check out what Melissa Reitz, its recently installed... More»


A good breakfast sandwich is mere morning sustenance, but a great breakfast sandwich is equal parts affirmation and art form. And it looks and... More»