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Il Cane Rosso Brussels sprouts

One of the great things about working at San Francisco magazine is our proximity to the Ferry Building, which has allowed me to nurture an... More»


In last week's recipe, we casually suggested making your own... More»

Presidio Pizza Company serves up a mean slice

If you take a New York–style pizza out of New York, depriving it of both local water and Big Apple attitude, is it still a New York–style pizza... More»

Dominique Crenn

When it comes to à la carte, less is more in San Francisco’s restaurants—they’re upping the ante with prix fixe and tasting menus. start... More»


At what point do you cross the line from viewing a piece of food as a harmless indulgence to something that causes you to hate yourself? I found... More»


Russian Hill dwellers hankering for a little beer and an El Porteno empanada will be happy to know that... More»


Great China Berkeley New digs, same great duck for... More»


With spring on the horizon we can only think of one thing: foraging! And February-May happens to be the season for... More»

Charred brassicas from Hi Lo BBQ

Wood-fired ovens have long been a thing—like since ancient Pompeii. But today’s chefs are infatuated with a new toy—the... More»


The expert: Chef Sean O’Toole has cooked at Cotogna and... More»

rice paper scissors bahn mi

When Frances opened, I thought it was going to be the beginning of the Castro’s culinary... More»