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With the newly redesigned San Francisco magazine on the stands, we’re on to the August food issue. The irony is not lost on me that deeper I get into... More»


Come summer, I’m a peach monogamist. Forget banal, second-class stone fruit like plums and pluots. I eat a peach a day with life-affirming... More»


If you haven't heard the howls of protest from foie gras fiends, here's the upshot: Eight years ago, a state senate bill gave farmers until July 1 of this... More»


Craftsman and Wolves had a little preview on Wednesday morning. Pastry chef William Werner's... More»


Smoked octopus is my new favorite thing. Chef Ravi Kapur served it at the Cochon party that... More»


Electro-pop beats, inventive music videos, and addictive falsetto hooks—we cannot wait to... More»


Fine dining is a funny thing. It's kind of a sport. On the day that I know I’m going to experience a tasting menu of epic sorts, I eat as little as... More»


Nob Hill Since the recession hit, it seems that every refined restaurant has felt compelled to sire a casual offspring. The concept... More»


This Saturday and Sunday, Carnaval returns to the Mission for another outrageous weekend of festivities inspired by the spring celebrations in Brazil. So... More»